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Huawei, Apple, Samsung, Who is the strongest ?

Huawei, as many people know, is just a mobile phone seller. Therefore, some people always compare Huawei with Apple, and think that the real taller apple is Huawei.You know, for Huawei, the mobile phone business is just a sideline. Otherwise, how could the United States be so afraid of Huawei’s entry into the U.S. market and do everything possible to block Huawei?

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Huawei has three major businesses: operator business, enterprise business and mobile phone business.Operator business and enterprise business have become the world's first, and mobile phone business has surpassed Apple, becoming the second largest mobile phone manufacturer in global sales after Samsung.

What does that mean? Three business, two world first, one world second!In the case of mobile phones alone, Huawei's performance is also quite strong. A few years ago, it was still the world of Apple mobile phones. Now Huawei mobile phones have become more and more popular. One paragraph says that the leadership

is using Huawei and the grass-roots employees are still using Apple.French star Gritzman, Apple is still the apple of that year, Huawei is not Huawei of that year.What is Huawei capable of stealing Apple's market share? If you know that Huawei's mobile phones have a lot of anti-human black technology, you will understand: For example: powerful storage function, charging once for 2 days, half an hour can be charged 70%. Yes, it charges four times faster than the iPhone X.

Moreover, Huawei's mobile phone also has a black technology - reverse charging technology, so that you not only don't have to worry about their own power, but also to charge others!Because, as long as you turn on Huawei’s reverse charging settings, your mobile phone will be charged in seconds.Anti-heavenly science and technology for the benefit of mankind: Not only has Huawei spent a lot of time on charging, but it has also developed an embedded

brain that can quickly identify pictures of food, portraits, attractions and so on. Just point the phone lens at the portrait and wait a few seconds to know all the information about the picture: How useful is this technology? For example, you are losing weight, every day counts all kinds of calories, with this technology,

as long as the mobile phone on the food you eat, you can jump out of the calorie and composition table, help you accurately calculate the calories of each food! So when Huawei develops the fair abroad, there are many people on the spot, and all the visitors are amazed. Foreign media also collectively paint the screen for Huawei's anti-heavenly technology:

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Such an omnipotent Huawei mobile phone, of course, is a huge threat to Apple.The only one of the world's top 500 companies not listed. In 2018, when the Fortune 500 list was released, Huawei leaped to the 72nd place in the list. Its revenue equals the sum of Ali, Baidu and Tencent. It is the only top 500 company that has not listed on the market. It is a real bull's fork.

As we all know, none of the Internet giants, such as Ali, Baidu and Tencent, is a pure Chinese company. They actually have a lot of foreign capital behind them, but Huawei is a 100% Chinese company and the only top 500 company without listed circle money. It can be said that if China does not have Ali, Tencent and Jingdong can replace it in minutes, but if China does not have Huawei,

which company can replace it? There used to be countless capital that wanted to invest in Huawei. Huawei went to the U.S. market. Americans said that as long as you have Chinese wholly-owned background, I will not buy your equipment, but as long as the Americans participate in the stock market, I will lower the tariff for you. Ren Zhengfei said, "No!” Do you know how much money has been lost? It's trillions!

But for Huawei, this is not important, we are not for money, but for the national brand of China. Business covers more than 170 countries and regions, serving more than one third of the world's population. Seventy percent of the revenue comes from overseas. The world can no longer stop Huawei. Despite frequent "blockades" by the United States, Europe has issued passes to Huawei. Since Huawei entered Europe, it has cured the bad habit that Europeans love reading on the subway. Previously, Europeans had been publicized for their qualities in China. They only read books and did not play mobile phones in the subway. But the truth is, the signals in Europe are too bad, Reagan Metro! Ben! No! Yes! Letter! Number!

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Don't think that Europe is developed, communication will follow. It's a completely different matter. A subway station entering Europe is basically equivalent to losing contact with the outside world, so they can only read books.It wasn't until 2007 that this changed because Huawei took orders from Germany. After Huawei got the order, it built more than 8,000 communication base stations in Germany, and finally there was a signal in the German subway. Later, the painting style in the subway became like this: Seriously, with the cell phone signal, who still reads? Ha ha ha ha ha...Now, one-third of the world's people enjoy the benefits of

China's telecommunications base stations; in the next 5G era, Huawei is leading the trend. In April this year, TV South Deutsche Group, a German certification agency, issued Huawei its first CE-TEC certificate for 5G products.This means that Hua5G base station will enter the EU market legally and have the qualifications to sell and Commerce formally to the European market.Come to a wave of overseas advertising, feel the strength of national enterprises.Messi has become Huawei’s global image ambassador. It is known that he usually uses Huawei's mobile phone:

On the main facade of Spanish Mansion in Madrid, Spain, Huawei P20Pro mobile advertising was awarded the largest outdoor advertising Guinness World Record.Ohenio Regunko, a famous Spanish photographer, used Huawei's P20 Pro mobile phone to shoot and produce his works.