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Battery Capacity Breaks 3000mAh's iPhone is coming

iPhone Apple ,No matter how good it is .There are two shortcomings is unable to avoid .One is a front facing camera ,for Chinese iPhone users  the biggest problem is take a selfie with the front camera that the picture  too realistic .It doesn't conform to the aesthetics of most Chinese people. Another is the battery life ,no matter how to Apple iPhone Cellphone optimization, If you go out to a place that's a little far away, you have to carry a battery powerbank . If iPhone mobile phone  front facing camera make photo too realistic and Apple feels is not problem with it . they're trying to make up for the poor of battery life, after all, they know the shortcoming. Now Mobile Phone Battery Capacity Breaks 3000mAh's iPhone Apple New Model is coming .

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According to the latest update from the foundry, Apple is making two New model iPhones with different levels of batteries, the most powerful being the 6.5-inch model.With no major strides forward in battery technology, there is no more direct way to improve battery life than to increase battery capacity with violence.The iPhone X Plus will be equipped with a battery capacity of over 3500mAh, which may be 3520mAh. If used properly, it should be no problem for you to stick with it for a day and a half.So user a day of battery life is no problem.

New Model iPhone X Plus New Model iPhone X Plus

As battery capacity and battery life increases, it also raises the question of whether the charging speed will be improved. This year, Apple will replace the two OLED screen iPhones with 18W quick charging heads.While Apple's fast-charge technology isn't far ahead of the android camp, it's an epic upgrade for Apple fans, and a cheaper version of the 6.1-inch iPhone X might not.

In addition, Apple may be for the iPhone wireless charging of X Plus upgrades, specifically from the FPC coil to upgrade to the copper wire coil, the thickness is thicker, but the ability to accomplish the goal of high power, high charging efficiency, more important is the cost is very low, and the adjusted, also can let wireless charging power 15 W, than before more to 7.5 W.