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Huawei Mate X "PK" Samsung Galaxy Fold

Today Huawei launches Mate X at new product launch , This is the world first cellphone ,
Have Foldable Lcd Display Screen and With 5G network ,
Huawei Mate X if Folding Screen the cellphone thickness is 11mm, Open the screen
thickness Only 5.4mm ,At present the most thin fold screen cellphone .
With Strong 5G Network ,Takes 3 seconds can to download a 1GB movie ,That is very
Faster and incredible .This is a great choice for mobile gamers with a big screen and
smooth Internet speeds. Open screen is 8.0inch, and folding screen 6.8inch and 6.3inch.
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With Samsung Galaxy a Fold, for example, in is equipped with a 7.3 inch OLED folding
screen at the same time, there is a 4.6 inch screen used to Fold in the state of use,
But Samsung has not announced at a conference of the Galaxy a Fold thickness,
Some foreign media say the Fold after the thickness of 17 mm,
for the mainstream mobile phone two times,
the thickness of the fuselage better Mate X in folding state is 11 mm,
But folded up is also a 6.6 -inch 11 mm thick cell phone.
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