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iPhone 9 High - Spec And Lowest - Cost ,Do you like ?

Apple company will release the new iPhone 9 in March, the iPhone 9 comes with a 4.7-inch LCD retina screen, a continuation of the previous model.Now more than 95% of the mobile phones in the market are large-screen mobile phones, and the size of mobile phones has already started to be 6 inches. It is even more difficult to buy a small-screen mobile phone. I don't know when people will miss the small-screen mobile phone again.It's hard to get a 5-inch phone on the market, let alone a 4-inch one, and Cook has seen the demand, with the iPhone 9 coming out of the first quarter. Jobs said, "4.4''inch  is the best size to hold." Now there's a reason to change planes your iPhone 6S .

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Don't worry too much about hardware. Apple won't be too stingy.The iPhone 9 will carry the A13 bionic processor based on the 7-nanometer manufacturing process and run iOS13 system, which can not only help clear the inventory of 4G components of the A13 processor, but also crush most of the competitors in terms of smoothness.Of course, the biggest disadvantage is that the iPhone 9 does not support 5G network and has only 2950mAh mah mah battery and 5V1A charger. In terms of signal and battery life, there are still large shortcomings, Maybe it will continue to use Intel baseband .

In terms of taking photos, the iPhone 9 comes with a standard 12 million rear single camera. It has built-in multiple stage light modes to enhance the fun of taking photos, and supports custom background blurring adjustment. The front still has 8 million cameras.It may also be the last iPhone without a major upgrade to the camera combination.

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iPhone9 exposure parameters in detail is support for Touch ID physical buttons, support the waterproof IP67 level, although the cancel the headphone jack, but support HDR display on the screen, sound has dual stereo speakers, also adopts double SIM card design, wireless charging and NFC, doing rather in place on the details, this configuration also is to have the sincerity.

It has been reported that Apple has asked suppliers to prepare 80 million iPhone in the first half of 2020, including 15 million of the iPhone 9, with an initial stock of around 3 million. The iPhone 9 is expected to surpass apple's minimum price.The current mainstream forecast is $399, which is even cheaper than the previous iPhone SE, which is an attractive price.