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iPhone Samsung New Oled Bidirectional folding Screen

Flexible folding screen is undoubtedly a new trend in 2019. Samsung and Huawei will release folding screen mobile phones on MWC, and related models of Xiaomi, Nubia and iQOO have also been exposed, which is highly expected.Apple, a relative conservative, recently updated the folding screen iPhone patent;The industrial chain has also revealed that boe has become a supplier of flexible OLED screens for apple, which indicates that the newly designed iPhone will be launched soon.

Apple's new iPhone patent for a foldable screen describes a new design: a flexible shaft that folds in both directions.That is to say, the folding screen of iPhone can be folded inward or outward. Compared with one-way folding of Samsung and Huawei, it is more flexible and easy to use, and can achieve more morphological changes.

iPhone New Model Bending Screen













It is worth mentioning that the folded screen iPhone in apple's new patent is not in the form of a tablet, but in the form of a 18:9 mobile phone, which is similar to the iPhone XS.However, the middle of the phone can be folded, reduced to half the size, easy to carry.The design is similar to the rumored Moto RAZR fold-screen phone, with the advantage of being smaller but not as flat as a Huawei fold-screen phone.

Today Official ads for samsung's Galaxy S10 series have been released .Samsung Galaxy S10 series includes three flagship models: Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+, all of which adopt the aperture screen scheme. The Galaxy S10+ front dual camera will be the world's first front dual camera aperture screen flagship.The samsung S10 also offers a 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom of the phone, a usb-c port, reverse wireless charging, and fingerprint recognition.

Samsung Galaxy S10 series will be equipped with qualcomm snapdragon 855 flagship platform. The platform is built on the process of snapdragon. It adopts three-core eight-core architecture, consisting of 1 x 2.84ghz super core +3 x 2.42ghz core +4 x 1.8ghz minor core.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ will also provide 12GB memory +1TB version, which is the world's first 12GB memory +1TB storage device, and the highest configuration of android flagship so far, the price is expected to break through ¥10,000 RMB .

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