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iPhone X1 New Phone With iOS 13 System

The official version of iOS 13 is due out this fall, which will bring a new generation of iphones. iPhone New Phone Many Chinese suppliers of cellphone accessories call it the "iPhoen X1", There is no word yet on whether 5G communication will be carried now . Let's get into the details of upgrading for iOS 13 System. 

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Apple is making iOS 13 easier to use, in particular by getting users to enter their passwords less often, using Face ID and Touch ID instead. When people visit, a window pops up asking if they need to use Face ID or Touch ID to log in. If the device is iOS 13 or macOS Catalina, they will automatically redirect to

Apple's improvements to the new system are significant, but they are the ones that users are most likely to notice.iOS 13 finally joined the dark mode, this allows use of OLED iPhone range has a better performance, but on the whole, iOS users finally usher in the darkness of the official pattern, it is to attract users to upgrade a point, a new system at the same time also joined the slide input method, can use up a sharp rise in the efficiency of input, and the Face of ID unlock speed increases 30%, at the same time, under the new system application startup speed.

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In addition, privacy and security is also an important improvement in iOS 13. Apple will restrict the sharing of location by third-party apps, which cannot guess a user's location via bluetooth or WiFi, and provide private email addresses to prevent apps from sending spam to a user's real email address.IOS 13 also has a special optimization for the older model j, but older models such as the iPhone 6S series and iPhone SE cannot experience some of the new features of the system, for the sake of both battery life and performance.

According to apple's official details, the iOS 13 update list is the same as the previous iOS 12, except that the iPad is listed separately because they have reinvented the iPad OS: iPhone XS,iPhone XS Max,iPhone XR,iPhone X,iPhone 8,iPhone 8 Plus,iPhone 7,iPhone 7 Plus,iPhone 6s ,iPhone 6s Plus ,iPhone SE ,iPod touch 7