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Support dual-band 5G iPhone is Coming

The iPhone12Pro is apple's first 5G phone after the settlement with qualcomm, is capable of supporting an all-netcom 5G network, ensuring that it will not be easily phased out in the next two to three years.In addition, the iPhone12Pro also runs IOS14 and has greater synergy with the 5-nanometer A14 chip. This combination should be fine for most everyday applications, and mainstream games should be fine for frame rate stability, as well as for the kirin 990 and snapdragon 865.It is worth mentioning that guo mingqi, a well-known analyst, said that this year's iPhone12Pro will support 20W wired fast charging, but there is no built-in power adapter, which will be tested.

Although the full iPhone 12 will support 5G networks this year, there may be sub-6ghz and sub-6ghz and MMW dual-band 5G versions depending on the version.But the latest Revelations show that the entire iPhone 12 family supports 5G networks in the lower 6GHz band as well as the millimeter-wave band. After all, with Qualcomm's existing technology, there is no difficulty in either baseband or antenna.

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New iPhone 12 pro series will use similar to the iPhone 5 series of flat metal frame design, and will cut bang, so the positive aspect of iPhone12Pro levels may not be much change, and the box part is no longer as round as a generation ago, if you can avoid cut feel is also can satisfy the daily life waterproof and dustproof, is well worth the thumb up.As for the back, the iPhone12Pro still retains the camera arrangement in the upper left corner, "bath ba". The AG polished rear shell reduces finger printing and has six colors of black, white, blue, yellow, gold and orange, which are considered by different aesthetic groups.Although iPhone12Pro has not been officially announced, but it has shown a strong "combat capability", under the premise of continuing its own advantages, adding 5G and enhance the camera, battery life and other selling points that consumers value.

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