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The Front Camera Can Stretch Out And Draw Back for Samsung Galaxy S10

There is a very cool design for Samsung Galaxy S10 New model that the front camera can stretch out and draw back . You will buy this cellphone or for iPhone XS smartphone ?for Samsung  S10 has fully embraced the full screen design, but not the full screen.The full screen design is very similar to that of VivoNEX and OppoFindX. Samsung currently keeps the top bezel on the phone, placing the front camera on the top bezel clock. And for S10 the rear camera is also very cool , young consumer like more .

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Unlike VivoNEX, which took inspiration from the front-facing camera after the Samsung Galaxy S10 adopted a full-screen design, Samsung S10 has the front-facing camera on the side, but also with a retractable lens design.

Since Samsung's S10 has a fingerprint identification module on the back of the body, it is unlikely that Samsung's S10 will be unlocked with the under screen fingerprint identification. However, it is rumored in the foreign media that Samsung S10 will adopt the under screen ultrasonic fingerprint identification.In terms of body material, Samsung S10 will still use glass curved surface design, and wireless charging module will also be equipped, but whether Samsung S10 will improve the wireless charging speed is also a mystery. If Samsung  Galaxy S10 can also improve the wireless charging distance, it is also a very good design.

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The Samsung  Galaxy S10's rear camera USES a three-lens design, but the shape of the three-lens is designed to look like an isosceles triangle, which is particularly distinctive.At present, since Huawei P20Pro is equipped with the rear three lens, foreign media think that the rear three camera is about to become the mainstream design, so the Samsung S10 is designed as the rear three lens.For Samsung Galaxy S10's hardware is supposed to come with a very powerful hardware, such as the snapdragon processor and Samsung's own Exynos processor, both of which are very powerful.And as Samsung S series phones, Samsung S10 is bound to be a very powerful high-performance phone, so it won't disappoint consumers.