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Email: [email protected]

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Skype: priorparts

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MSN: [email protected]

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Gmail: [email protected]

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Yahoo: [email protected]

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 Shenzhen Office
 Address: Hengling Industrial Zone,Minzhi Road,Longhua,Shenzhen,China
 Tel:+86-755-33078771    Mob:+86-186-7667-8517
 Fax:+86-755-2599 9581
Hong Kong Office(Please contact Shenzhen office if not available)
 Address:  ROOM 1205, 12/F TAI SANG BANK BULDING, 130-132 DES VOEUX ROAD, CENTRAL Hong Kong
 Tel::+86-755-33078771     Mob:+86-186-7667-8517
 Fax:+86-755-2599 9581

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