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New Customer Guide:


1.How can I become a member of this store?

Please move your mouse to the top of our website,and click "Register"or "Creat an Account".Just follow the tips or remindings to fill the table.Please take care when type your email and address becuase it is important to us to contact you or send prodcuts to you.If the email you typed is not correct,we will not be able to contact you.


2.How can I find items I need?

You can search keywords in the search area on the top of our banner.Or you can look for items via catogories.Or you can contact us directly.


3.Could I place order without on your website?

Yes,some items we have in stock,but not display on our web,you can place order by sending us an email.We would make a proformma invoice for you.


4.Are all the products free shipping?

Sorry,the shipping is not free.All the prices of products are based on it's own value,not including any tax or shipping charges.If you prefer free shipping,we can ship via China Post,which is slow.However,we recommend DHL,UPS or EMS.


5.Why can not I make the payment on the website?Also I can not choose shipping method.

For this problem,we are sorry to tell you that our website is only for placing order.Rergarding payment and shipping,we need discuss.You know paypal is not allowed Brand products,such as Apple,Samsung,Blackberry.Some products with logo are very sensitive.So,we did not connect paypal on our website.Only can pay off-line.


6.Is there a minimal order quanity limit?

It is depends on what products.Some small parts,such flex cable,sticker.Such products have the MOQ.But LCDs or digitizers do not have the MOQ.