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Return Policy


Even though we tested or checked the prodcuts,sometimes there may be some issues.Before sending back to us,please read below info:


If they are below such situation,you can return to us:

1.Once you received the package,you tesed the products first(not install directly),it does not work.

2.The product is scratched or the surface is badly damaged.(Please send photos to us,we need evaluate)

3.We sent a wrong product.

Please pack the products well as we sent you.And we are sorry you have to pay the shipping for return.For re-sending,we will pay the shipping cost.



However,Below Such issues,we are sorry that we would not be responsible:


1.If the products are damaged or held in your own country or custom,we will do our best to solve this.If can not solve the problem,we are sorry that we also have no choice about this.


2.If the LCDs or Digitizers are installed incorrectly,which made the products damaged.We are sorry that we would not charge of it.Once you received the packges,you should test first,not install directly.


3.Wrongly ordered items.Before ordering,you should check carefully what you are ordering.If the items you ordered is wrong,and we did not ship out the items,we can refund you.But,if we have already shipped out the items,we are sorry that return or refund is not provided.




We can refund if:

1.We sent a wrong product or the product you ordered is out of stock.

2.Other special situation...